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Cold Case - Missing Child Alabama

Daniel Barter - White - Age 4 (1959)
Missing since June 18, 1959 from Baldwin County, Alabama
Endangered Missing
Age in 2011: 57

Date of Birth: December 12, 1954
Nickname: Danny

3'0"; 50 lbs.
Brown, wavy hair; brown eyes

Danny has marks where he fell and bit all the way through his tongue; he has scars on his fingers where he accidentally stuck his hand into a fan as a baby.

Daniel was wearing gray boxer shorts.

Daniel was last seen on June 18, 1959, playing near the banks of Perdido Bay, near at his family's campsite.

According to news articles compiled from the Mobile Register, many thoughts ran through the minds of his family and those involved in the desperate search to find little Danny Barter. Over 500 people helped in the search for Danny, 150 of which were Law Enforcement and Firemen. The Navy brought in 115 men to search the waters and land by ship and helicopter. Civilian Volunteers in bands of 25 teamed together and walked almost shoulder to shoulder over a 5 sq mile radius through woods and swamps in search of Danny. Three champion bloodhounds were donated by a doctor from Gadsden, AL. Unfortunately, the dogs were unable to find a trail leading from the site. A skin diver even volunteered to search the bottom of the bay for Danny. As a last resort, dozens of water holes were dynamited in an effort to bring up a body and large alligators in the area were hunted down and killed so stomach contents could be examined. All of this was done but to no avail. Danny was still missing. By this time, Danny's parents considered the possibility that Danny may have been kidnapped.

His family is still actively looking for Danny. As stated on the family's web site, " Was his wavy brown hair and big brown eyes the reason he was kidnapped, if indeed he ever was? His mother seemed to think so. In fact, these are her exact words as told in the Mobile Register 6/21/59, "I can understand why someone would want to take him because he's such a pretty child."

"What happened the day Danny vanished? Mrs. Barter's detailed recollection. "Paul had gone to a store and bought some drinks for the children, taking Danny with him. When they returned, the children opened their drinks and Danny got one for himself. Danny and my husband were playing together on one of the roll-away cots for a short while then Paul got up and began preparing for the fishing trip. We had rigged three poles for the fishing trip when suddenly we noticed that Danny was not in the tent. I didn't become alarmed at first, even though he was not at the immediate campsite." (Mrs. Barter thought he had went to play with some children who lived about 150 feet away). "I had first believed that despite Danny's fear of water he had wandered into the water and drowned. But not now. I believe he probably walked up the road and someone picked him up."Did this couple take Danny? The Barter's witnessed a truck ride by with a man and woman inside the morning Danny disappeared. The road leading to the campsite is seldom traveled.

The FBI and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, reopened the case in 2008 when new information was learned.

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If you have any information on this case, please contact:
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office
Captain Steve Arthur
Case: 04-3497

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