Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kidnapped child seen in Texas.

9/21/2012: SPOTTED IN TEXAS: GIRL KIDNAPPED BY STEPFATHER! He was caught ▬►HAVING SEX with the girl who was then removed from the home. Now he has KIDNAPPED HER! Article: The man accused of kidnapping his pregnant stepdaughter in Dothan this week was caught in Tennessee having▬►E sex with the girl just two days before she was taken into custody by social workers.

A report claims a Hamilton County, Tennessee deputy caught Charles Partin receiving sexual gratification from the girl September 4th. Aileen Lander, 5 months pregnant, was taken into DHR custody September 6, according to posts made to Facebook by her family.

Partin was not arrested and it's not immediately clear why he wasn't taken into custody. A source familiar with the case said it could be because both he and the girl denied the act.

An investigation was launched into the incident but it's not clear whether Partin will face criminal charges in relation to the alleged sex act. Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Janice Atkinson said she could make no comment about the case at this time.

It's not known if other family members were present when the alleged act took place at a campground type facility near Chattanooga. It's also not immediately clear why Partin and the girl were traveling through the area. Partin has family in Falmouth, Kentucky and the route between there and southeast Alabama passes through Chattanooga. The family lives in Barbour County.

Partin is accused with conspiring with his wife, Julie Bethke, to abduct her daughter from an office of Dothan OBGYN located in the Southeast Alabama Medical Center Doctor's Building. The couple is believed to be in the company of Aileen and five of her siblings. A van used in the abduction was located Thursday night at an undisclosed location. 

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